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Tell us about your son or daughter.

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Tell Us About Your Teen/Young Adult

Weekly therapy appointments don’t seem to be making enough of a difference.  We have hit a wall on our local options.  We really don’t know where to turn next.

The treatment has been very helpful and we are feeling more encouraged and hopeful.  Still, we are anxious knowing that we need to making changes at home too.

Graduation day from treatment is fast approaching.  We need to know how to create the right kind of environment and plan to keep things moving forward after.

Our son/daughter is ready to move on from treatment and from home. Knowing how to help in appropriate and empowering ways is top priority for all of us.

Who is Homeward Bound?

We are a nation-wide group of specialized therapists who work with families of teens or young adults who: are struggling at home, are in out-of-home treatment, or are soon to complete treatment.

Our success is distinguished by the fact that some of the best residential treatment programs in the country reach out to access our expertise and model for transitioning from treatment to the real world.

We exist to inspire, heal and fortify your family, capitalizing on your strengths and our know-how.

“This program helped us immeasurably. I would recommend it as a requirement to any family with a child coming home. Easing the stress and effort for both me and my daughter—I feel so much more confident. God bless your good work. Thank you to our coach and your organization, we’re honored to have been led to your door.”

Nicholas Freedman California

“My husband and I believe we may have had greater results by utilizing this wonderful program for our entire family. I highly recommend calling Homeward Bound before taking another course of action.”

Trisha CraftGeorgia

“We are certainly a work in progress as a family, but we have a sense that our prayers have been answered.”

Jay & Kim McCarlMaryland

“We are now about four months post treatment. Our son is doing well in school, is making better decisions, and is feeling happier. We too are happier in our relationship with him. We don’t expect a mistake-free future, but we anticipate fewer challenges and more productive ways of dealing with inevitable setbacks. We highly recommend Homeward Bound to you.”

Philip & Heather GooldUtah

“My reactivity and my husband’s anger were as much true impediments to family peace as was our son’s drug use. I am profoundly grateful for the work Homeward Bound has done. Problems still exist, but we have vision, confidence, and hope for the first time in a long time, that our relationships with our children will endure the difficult adolescent years and continue into adulthood.”


“Because of the changes we have all made, the love and humor is back in our family again—best remedy in the world!”

Natalie GuilbeaultTaiwan

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Our Founder

If you need to borrow my faith in your abilities for a time… by all means do it. It’s what I’m here for.


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Program Therapists

Are you a wilderness, residential, therapeutic boarding school, hospital, or clinical professional? Request more information or a quick chat so you can see if we might be a fit for one of your client family’s. You will appreciate knowing they will continue to be cared for even after they have gone.

Educational Consultants

If you are a consultant with a family in mind, we are happy to send you electronic or physical materials to share. You can even request a copy of Dr. Thayne’s book Not by Chance: How Parents Boost Their Teen’s Success In and After Treatment. You will be pleased with the options we provide.

Outpatient Therapists

Are you a therapist or counselor? Do you have a young person who continues to struggle, despite everyone’s best efforts? Perhaps a former client is returning from out-of-home treatment? We have targeted tools that can boost your good work. We’d love to be a resource.

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