A Note From Tim

Dear Parents,
Hope is essential to life. It has the power to launch a series of decisions and commitments that can ultimately lift us from the deepest despair. It can turn the tide from feeling stuck and powerless, to motivated and optimistic about our path.

At Homeward Bound, we are driven to ignite that spark of hope in our client’s eyes. We then sustain and support them as they meet challenges with greater knowledge, confidence, capacity, and commitment to their cause.

What an honor and sacred trust it is to be called upon by families as agents of hope for restored health and happiness. I can think of no greater privilege.

To Your Family’s Happiness,

Tim Thayne

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After founding successful wilderness and residential teen treatment programs, in 2005 Tim Thayne created Homeward Bound to lead the movement to educate and support families, while greatly reducing relapse. Never one to underestimate the significance of transitions, Thayne guides parents in their crucial leadership roles as culture builders and change agents.

NBC Program

Based on a decade of concentrated focus on what makes teens and parents successful during and after treatment.  This parent program—used by top treatment programs across the nation—outlines what needs to happen on the home front so that success can last.

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Not by Chance Book

This book engages readers through solid research, simple exercises, and captivating stories taken from Thayne’s own life and the living rooms of hundreds of American homes. Find concrete tools, hope, confidence and stamina for families, professionals and mentors alike.

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Rallyest is the revolutionary mobile app used by treatment professionals, clients, and close family and friends that combines coordination, accountability, and motivation to result in greater longterm success.


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