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“Our son’s been away from home in treatment now for about two months. A part of me is completely relieved that he’s in a good place and that we’re not struggling on a day-to-day basis at home anymore. But there’s also a part of me that wants him home today. The therapist at the program has helped us recognize that we had a part in the breakdown at home, and he’s encouraged us to work on ourselves while our son is there.
“But honestly, I’m not sure where to look for that help. I suppose we could go to a local therapist, but it didn’t seem to help much the last time we tried. Plus, I’d really like to talk with someone who knows more about what our son’s going through, someone who can even talk with our son and his program therapist as well. I’m hesitant to add another professional to the mix, but if it’s going to be someone who can help us coordinate it all, I’d feel a lot better about that. Who knows, maybe they can even help us bring our son home when that time comes.”

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Like this parent, you might be asking:

How can we tell if the changes in our son are real?

Should we just blindly trust the program’s recommendations?

Shouldn’t I be doing something more?

Do we need additional therapy/coaching?

Aren’t we getting enough from our therapist at the program?

Is this investment going to pay off?

Our Tandem Care Services

There is much you can do to increase the odds that your teen will make progress that is sustainable at home. It’s a process we call Tandem Care. In essence, it means learning and improving in tandem with your teen. It’s about modeling for your son or daughter the courage to frankly look at yourself, and ask the hard questions. When you find the answers, it’s about having the determination to make necessary changes.

Tandem Care starts by learning about your family, including the experiences and challenges that led to treatment. Then together we identify strategies to effectively approach your teen given his/her unique personality and characteristics. If being unified as parents has been a challenge, we’re skilled at bringing you together around your concern for your teen through a common set of principles and agreed upon plan for moving forward.

We’ll take advantage of being able to work closely with your teen’s program therapist, and when the time is right, we’ll connect with your teen in order to get his/her insights and start building a relationship of trust.

As graduation approaches, we’ll collaborate to answer unsettling questions and fears. When it’s time for the reunion, you’ll feel a deep sense of comfort knowing that the coach you’ve come to trust and appreciate – who knows you each so well – is going to be the one to confidently guide and support you in the transition home.

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Our Gifts to You:


That real change can occur as everyone does their part.

Realistic Expectations

About what to expect from your teen and the treatment process.

Concrete Plan

For self-development, parental unity, and a strong family following treatment.

Calm Anchor

With a coach to help when challenges hit, fears return, and it’s easy to overreact.


In yourself, your parenting, and your plan for moving forward.

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