To Inspire, Heal, and Fortify the World's Families

—Homeward Bound's Vision

Why Homeward Bound

Dr. Tim Thayne loved working with students as an owner and therapist in a well-respected wilderness program. He was frustrated, however, when despite everyone’s best efforts, real progress in treatment would come unraveled at home. His passion for ensuring lasting change led Dr. Thayne to pioneer the first-of-its-kind nationwide transition services, and soon after, in-home intervention. Founded in 2005, Homeward Bound’s warm and expert team has helped hundreds of families with struggling youth worldwide to navigate the uncertain waters of intervention (Early Care), parent training (Tandem Care) and transition (Continuing Care).

When you are deliberating on who to work with, there are several criteria to consider. There has to be a knowledgeable visionary. There has to be a skilled team. There has to be years of experience. There has to be a proven transition model and track record.

Homeward Bound is the gold standard
for managing transitions for families like yours.

Homeward Bound’s Mission

We deliver life-altering support to families by:
  • Endowing parents with the ability to effectively and confidently address the challenges that threaten their families through proven principles, tools, and timely support.
  • Navigating teens through the turbulent emotional, social, and academic challenges that plague them by providing strategies that build resilience.
  • Building trusting and collaborative relationships with their current professional teams to resolve relevant issues throughout the continuum of care.
  • Leveraging the genuine love and influence of relatives, friends, neighbors and vested community members to fortify their families.